ILLINI TEAM TRAIL                                    Mike James Memorial Classic 

            2020 CHAMPIONS

        Garrett McDowell-Riley Walk

             2021 Z518 Ranger Boat

                    Power by

               Mercury 200 Pro XS            

                 Format 2021:

*12 Qualifying Events Offered

*Fish 7 Qualifying Events to qualify for Classic (Must Fish/No buy in's)

*Angler Of The Year Determined by Teams best 7 Tournaments.

{Example: if your team fishes 10 qualifying events the computer will pick your best 7 events to get your Bank of Herrin / Sublime Angler of the Year points }

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2021 Tournament's

                           2021 SCHEDULE

            3/21/2021    Lake of Egypt Pyramid

            4/11/2021    Lake of Egypt Pyramid

            5/02/2021   Shelbyville 9th St Ramp

            5/16/2021    Kinkaid

             6/6/2021     Kinkaid                                                                 6/13/2021   Shelbyville 9th St Ramp

             6/27/2021   Shelbyville 9th St Ramp

              7/11/2021    Rend Lake  Sailboat

              7/25/2021    Shelbyville 9th St Ramp 

              8/01/2021    Rend Lake    Sailboat
              8/22/2021    Shelbyville 9th St Ramp

              9/19/2021    Shelbyville 9th St Ramp 

                             **FISH 7 EVENTS  TO QUALIFY FOR CLASSIC**   

                Mike James Memorial Classic Dates

                           OCTOBER  2021


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